To find out more or book a class please call for a chat
on 07714 347 982 or
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To find out more or book a class please call for a chat on 07714 347 982 or
click here to email

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About Rosie

I have practiced hatha yoga regularly for some 20 years learning much about myself along the way. My studies and regular personal practice have embraced Hatha, Iyengar, Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga. I am currently exploring and studying BWY Meditation Module to level 2 with my tutor Maarten Vermaase.

I felt a real connection with yoga from my very first class and was inspired to explore yoga in more depth, completing the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, led by Kari Knight in March 2011. In June 2013, I completed the rigorous 500 hour British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma under the excellent and highly regarded tutor, Paul Fox and continue to explore and refresh my practice, teaching and yoga journey with ongoing training, workshops study days working with many inspirational tutors including David Swenson, Andrea Kwaitkowski, Gary Carter, Julie Friedeberger, Bill Wood, Peter Blackaby, Wendy Teasdill, Leslie Kaminoff, Zoe Knott, Lisa McRory, Liz Lark and Maarten Vermaase.

Through yoga I have become more supple gaining greater strength in both body and mind as well as increased self- confidence and self-belief. We are all individual beings and I teach the ethos that everybody’s yoga practice is unique and personal to them.  Yoga is a non-competetive and thought to be the most beneficial practice known to humankind with its positive effects on our overall physical and mental health as well as nurturing our sense of well-being, becoming more visible over time.

My classes are open to everyone of all levels of ability and modifications are always offered. I hold a current First Aid qualification and am fully trained and insured with the British Wheel of Yoga, the governing body for yoga in the UK and which is recognised by Sport England. In November 2014 I took on the role of Norfolk county representative for the British Wheel of Yoga and ccurrently hold  the role  of Eastern Regional Officer work with our lovely committee to set up a stimulating  training programme of yoga events and workshops for teachers and practitioners in the region, please visit  for more information on regional and national yoga event listings.

Yoga is a lifelong journey of discovery, not a destination and I have found that practicing yoga brings the challenges of everyday life into perspective.

Yoga and meditation introduces balance, space and a much neeeded sense of calm into our busy and sometimes anxious lives.  Through yoga I have found it is possible to take time to pause, reflect, breathe and find inspiration.

If you are new to yoga and not sure what to expect, then a typical 90 minute class usually begins with some quiet time to centre ourselves moving on to gently mobilising the joints and warming up the muscles of the body before working towards deeper asana posture work then cooling down to Pranayama (breathing practice) before coming into final relaxation known in Sanskrit as Savasana.